At Last Review

“Slowly, his mouth moved over hers from one side to the other, and back again. He savored her, as if she was his favorite dessert, and Georgie thought her body would swoon from sheer pleasure. The tip of his tongue was and soft, as it teased her bottom lip to open. She obliged, and a whole new dance began.”
Georgianna “Georgie” Michaelson is beautiful, smart and independent. Responsible for the artistic vision of her parent’s business, Blue Grass Landscaping, the largest landscaping company in a three-county service area, Georgie has a deeply-held commitment to family and a clear picture of the man she wants in her life.
She won’t settle for anything less than a caring, faithful gentleman who has the potential to not only be a great lover, but also a great husband and father.
Georgie is not one to gamble with her heart or take risks in life or love – until she meets Lieutenant Kyle Mathews of the Shelbyville Fire Department. The mix of desire and compassion he awakens in her will forever change the way she views herself and her future.
When a vehicle containing a young woman and her baby is swallowed by a sink hole on the highway, Georgie and her brother, Samuel, are forced into action. As Samuel attempts a daring rescue, rappelling into the hole to pull the woman and child to safety, the hole begins to collapse. Before the attempted rescue becomes a tragedy, firefighters arrive on the scene and the skilled rescue team pulls the woman, her baby and Samuel to safety. These brave emergency personnel on the scene are led by a raven-haired, blue-eyed heartthrob named Kyle Mathews.
As devastatingly handsome and he is fearless, Kyle Mathews makes an immediate impression on Georgie and the attraction is mutual. However, Lieutenant Mathews leads a dangerous life and Georgie is understandably afraid to risk her heart on a man who takes chances with his life.
Not a man to be denied, Kyle is captivated by Georgie’s wit and beauty and he will not surrender their chemistry easily. Though she initially resists, Kyle pursues Georgie, slowing winning her affection with his humility, candor and love of family.
Far from the superficial womanizer she assumed him to be, Kyle Mathews is a man who had known great tragedy. Kyle chose to become a firefighter because of the death of his parents in a car accident and the impression the rescue personnel made on him as they saved his young life.
However, Georgie’s resolve is tested when Kyle undertakes a daring rescue without safety equipment at the Kentucky Derby.
When a man has a seizure on the Ferris Wheel, tipping his basket and becoming trapped between the spokes of the wheel, Kyle places his own life on the line to save the stranger, sustaining injuries in the process.
Devastated by the risk she has seen Kyle undertake and terrified that he will continue to jeopardize his physical safety and their romantic future through impulsive actions, Georgie leaves Kyle in the Emergency Room and begins to avoid him – losing herself in her work and her thoughts of what could have been.
AT LAST is a deeply romantic story, reinforced by themes of family, integrity, respect and civic duty. Thoughtfully written, Cynthia Roberts presents rich, three dimensional characters and immerses them in a lovely, vivid landscape that comes alive with her powerful use of descriptive language.
There are some minor grammatical errors present in the advanced reviewer edition of this novel, but they do not distract from the flow of the story, which is well-crafted and exciting, with a truly poignant ending.
Though AT LAST contains some steamy moments, it is more wholesome than many contemporary romance novels, focusing on the growing emotional connection between Georgie and Kyle, rather than their erotic potential. An enjoyable read, this story would be a fantastic fit for a reader who is looking for a return to a gentlemanly hero and an affirmation of the value of family, romantic devotion and public service.
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