The Dukes’ Christmas Abductions Review

“Her reflection in the mirror gave her pause for thought. She looked happy, truly happy and she was honest with herself enough to admit that it was entirely due to her time traveling duke.”

A highly entertaining time-travel novel, The Dukes’ Christmas Abductions  blends aspects of traditional Regency romance with steamy sex and sharp-witted, contemporary heroines to create a very unusual holiday love story.

The novel opens amid the pomp and bustle of the Faversham House Christmas Ball – an elegant, Regency-themed gathering, complete with lavish costumes and a mysterious butler. As a powerful storm rages outside, something magical is taking place amid the winding corridors of the stately mansion and it will sweep Clara Ellington and Victoria Hopewell into the arms of the men they have been destined to love.

Clara, the house curator, has secured an invitation for the exclusive holiday soiree for her beloved friend and romance author Vicky Hopewell. With a voluptuous body and a brash sense of humor, Clara poses a sharp contrast to her slender and impeccably dignified friend. However, they are soon to discover that they are bound by a legacy and a set of passions that connect them in ways they had never imagined.

While the premise of The Dukes’ Christmas Abductions requires a significant suspension of disbelief, it is thoughtfully written, charming and very well-paced. The stories of Clara and Victoria begin on the same time line, however the authors interweave their adventures following their time travel experience in a manner that keeps the reader guessing while slowly building the sexual tension between the women and their handsome captors.

Farcical and funny, I would highly recommend this romance to any reader seeking a sexy, feel-good story about modern women finding timeless love amid the most magical of circumstances.

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