The Right to Surrender Review

“She fought her tears. He knew what she was thinking. Just like him, she knew if he touched her tonight the way she wanted him to, if he loved her the way she thought he could, one night would never be enough. And like him, she wasn’t willing to forfeit that night to save herself from future pain.”

Gretchen Christensen has yearned for bad-boy Finn James, her older brother’s best friend, since she was just a girl. Though he desires her more than she knows, Finn refuses to claim her virginity and Gretchen flees with a broken heart – never to forget the tumultuous feelings Finn awakened in her body and soul.

When Finn and Gretchen cross paths at her brother’s wedding, Finn finds that the innocent young girl he once knew has been replaced with a gorgeous, and confident, woman. Though the sexual chemistry between Finn and Gretchen is nearly overwhelming, they will soon discover that Gretchen’s life as an undercover agent will immerse them in desire and danger beyond anything they have known.

The Right to Surrender is a thrilling story with a heroine who is both sensual and strong. Piper Coley presents Gretchen as a woman who isn’t just loved for her beauty, but also for her brains and her resolve to do the right thing amid fear and danger.

Finn is also a compelling character – a good man in a bad world, his tumultuous blend of desires – protection, possession and love – drive the action of the story. Though it would be easy to present his conflict as melodramatic, Ms. Coley does a wonderful job of conveying the emotional power of Finn and Gretchen’s love with raw emotion and realism.

In spite of the overall clarity and quality of Piper Coley’s writing, there are some pacing issues in this work. The last chapters of the novel feel rushed and present a conclusion that, while very satisfying, may have implausible elements to some readers.

However, it is important to note that The Right to Surrender is Ms. Coley’s debut novel and is a sexy, engaging and well-edited work. I look forward to reading more from this author and I would recommend The Right to Surrender to any reader looking for a heroine as brave and she is desirable, as well as to fans of exciting, criminal-suspense romance. –

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