The Gangster’s Woman Review

The Gangster’s Woman by Ginger Ring is a thoroughly researched novel that sets its love story against the backdrop of the notorious public enemies of the 1930s. Frequently depicted as a decade of brash lawmen, fearless criminals and gangster’s molls, Ms. Ring chooses instead to tell the story of a tenderhearted woman who, in spite of her beauty, has been forced into a criminal life that is anything but glamorous.

Complete with compelling imagery and well-written prose, Ms. Ring builds excitement throughout The Gangster’s Woman.

That being said, some pacing issues emerge toward the end of the novel. Though the author does explain the process behind the reversal of Killian’s position and Eryn’s ultimate exoneration, the conclusion of the novel feels hurried. It may seem somewhat implausible to readers that the web Killian has tightly woven could be so quickly unraveled and that Eryn would face no other legal consequences for her activities, regardless of her compassionate motivations.

However, The Gangster’s Woman grants the reader a deeply heartwarming resolution that provides Eryn and Vivian with not only the protection that they need, but with the family that they deserve.

I would highly recommend this work to fans of romantic suspense and I look forward to reading more stories by Ginger Ring.

I reviewed this work for The Romance Reviews and you can see the full review here:

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